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Wig Party - Afrobeta


RELEASE DATE: Available Now - Download WIG PARTY on Afrobeta's facebook page for FREE
FORMATS: Digital

Band Members

Cuci Amador


Wig Party EP - Available Now
Under the Streets LP - September 15, 2011
Play House EP - May 9, 2011
Do You Party? EP - July 27, 2010
That Thing Single - January 15, 2009


Miami's avant-dance duo Afrobeta has been tearing up dance floors in their hometown since 2006. The Miami New Times even awarded them Best Band in 2010 and Best Album in 2011 for Under the Streets. Cuci Amador and Smurphio formed Afrobeta as a means to attain ultimate form of artistic self expression. Their mutual love of classic songwriting and dancing till 5 a.m. inspired them to make music together.

After the success of their EPs, Do You Party? and Play House, featuring remixes by Larry Tee, Alexander Technique and Junior Sanchez, the band released their debut full-length album Under the Streets. The thirteen tracks will undoubtedly ignite dance-floors around the world. Their unique (and eclectic) songs transcend genre classifications. Cuci's rapid fire delivery, combined with Smurphio's funky synths and head-bopping basslines will keep you moving from start to finish.

Since 2010, the band has taken their joyous beats and dazzling live shows across the nation and abroad, performing at the 40th Anniversary Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Burning Man, New York Fall Fashion Week, Ultra Brazil, Space Ibiza, Ultra Music Festival, Camp Bisco and Identity Festival. The band has rocked alongside Trentemoller, Booka Shade, Hercules and Love Affair, The Crystal Method, Annie Mac, Holy Ghost!, Nero, Kaskade and Bloody Beetroots.

Afrobeta's latest release Wig Party is available on to download for free on their website, as a "thank you" album for their fans. Their limited release features several new singles including "Virtual Life", Anthem", "Birthday Situation", a remix of "Love Is Magic" by Discotech aka Gigamesh and their own rendition of Devo's "Whip It!"


"The guy-girl duo of producer Tony 'Smurphio' Laurencio and frontwoman Cuci Amador melds bubbling electro-house with pop song structure and a bit of retro nostalgia." - AOL Spinner

“Even at a festival with 300 acts, this two-some consisting of Cuci Amador and Tony Smurphio has a totally unique sound.” - Consequence of Sound

"One of the top ten bands out of South Florida you should listen to now." - Paste Magazine


April 27th, 2012. By Justin Time for wruv.org

The latest from afrobeta is titled Wig Party.  The album is sunny Synth Pop with elements of 80’s Synth Pop with Disco, Funk and some random moments of Dubstep.  The music is all about partying in Miami from dusk til dawn till dusk again.  The music is perky, quirky and upbeat with an irresistbly fun vibe to it.  The track Family Guy samples the popular TV show, there’s a cover of Devo’s Whip It, and the track Loony Tunes samples the iconic cartoon theme.  The mix of goofiness with a “hard edged” party vibe makes for a perfect dance album that will keep you moving even after the sun has come up.

Spending the night with Afrobeta by Bill Kearney for oceandrive.com

Miami’s own indie/dance duo have had quite a year, with gigs at Glastonbury Festival, Burning Man and Ultra, and the release of their first full-length album, Under the Streets.

2 PM: Home
I walk into Afrobeta’s apartment just north of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts as they rehearse for a live show later that night at The Florida Room. Tony Laurencio (aka Smurphio) and Cuci Amador’s home is rigged with a Star Trek-like control panel of equalizers, keyboards, laptops and a microphone. (This is where they recorded their forthcoming LP, Under the Streets.) Tony sets down a throbbing, base-heavy version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” somehow making it more danceable, and Cuci swoops through the lyrics. “I’m not sure I can pull this song off,” she says when they stop to make adjustments. Most of the songwriting on the new album was done on a cuatro (a kind of Latin mandolin). “We walk the dogs and we play songs,” says Tony, “then come home and put down beats on the computer.” As for lyrics: “A lot of stuff comes out in dreams,” says Cuci.

4 PM: Yiya's Gourmet Cuban Bakery and Café
As Tony hangs with spoken-word artist Benjamin Shahoulian (who partners on lyrics occasionally), Cuci gets into a gabfest with café copartner Mariana Hawayek about being a Cuban who was born in Puerto Rico. Eventually talk turns to musical taste. Tony’s ranges from Eddie Van Halen to offbeat indie acts like the Tune-Yards and Little Dragon—hence Afrobeta’s eclectic sound. After Cuban coffees, Tony’s off to prep gear for the show, and Cuci and I head to Hollywood to pick out her outfit.

5:30 PM: Art of Shade
Stepping into Art of Shade is like walking into a movie stylist’s closet: Unlikely material (men’s tuxedo shirts, elastic bands) is repurposed into sci-fi-like haute couture. Cuci and designer Kayce Armstrong share a hug. Before long Cuci’s trying on outfits: a white Fifth Element-like cage dress, a Jetsons-ish romper, a black Tinker Bell/vampire number. She and styling assistant Bobby Ray sing Mexican diva Gloria Trevi’s “Pelo Suelto” as he alters one of the ensembles. They settle on the black dress, and we make our way back to Miami.

Midnight: The Florida Room
As overly serious young girls cut rough paths through the crowd, the DJ spins a mashup of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and Afrobeta slips into place. Then comes that most pleasant of moments when the band’s instruments commandeer the DJ’s track. Afrobeta is on. And they are beloved, rocking their single “Play House.” The too-cool crowd is transformed; girls no longer slither on banquettes but rather smile and bounce. Cuci wades into the audience, bunny-hopping until the room is hers, everyone jumping together.

You wanna play house/and make babies/Ah! you must be crazy/What you thinkin’ baby?

Then later in the set, another trip into the crowd:

It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark/Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart….

“Thriller” is old and dear, but the sound is new: avant-garde nostalgia. The room dances on as Afrobeta pulls it off.

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