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Wherever You Are EP - Neelix
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Release Info

Artist: Neelix

Album: Wherever You Are
Release date; 07/11/2013
Label: Spin Twist Records

Genre: Psy Trance

Promo Blurb from Spin Twist Records

This EP definitely has it's own signature. It's an effortless mix between electronic beats, live drums and slap bass. It will provide an emotive and energetic soundtrack - Wherever You Are! The three tracks are something new, without straying from the the unique sound characteristic of the music of Neelix. With the help of elements of funk and blues music, Neelix takes the atmosphere of his productions to another level. The complex instrumentation and inclusion of classical elements is clearly reminiscent of a film score. The result is an EP that appeals to both the body and the mind of the listener - creating irresistibly catchy pieces of music.

Artist Biography (English & Deutch)


One could say that the creative act of piecing together several ideas by using the computer is kind of golden thread in the life of Henrik Twardzik: Originally the native of Hamburg used to do compositing works for film productions, following a regular job. It was 1999, when something happened that should change his life: Basically he heard a song. But “Klein Aber Doctor” made him so much stoked, that he finally decided to get into producing music himself. Having a creative vein on the one hand and heaps of experience with clicking the mouse buttons hundreds of times per day, piling up sequences on a computer screen, on the other, he moved forward pretty fast. His first releases rapidly gained popularity and simultaneously Henrik got more and more enthusiastic about producing music. Taking the necessary actions as a result of that made his girlfriend pronouncing a certain phrase more and more often: Get a proper job again! Well, today she doesn’t say that any more... Following the patterns of classical Progressive Trance at first and playing to its referee’s whistle, Henrik slowly but constantly developed a very own style. His album “No Way To Leave” from 2005 marks a turning point in his musical career: With this one he founded his own school of Trance music, consequently following the paradigm of Progressive in the very original meaning of this term. Today Henrik is blissfully happy with getting a remarkable positive feedback from Trance fans all around the world and even being asked to produce music for TV commercials and popular movies.


1998, im Alter von 23 Jahren, legte sich Henrik Twardzik seinen heutigen Künstlernamen zu, begann damit Platten aufzulegen und produzierte im Frühjahr 2000 die ersten eigenen Psytrance-Stücke. 2003 veröffentlichte er sein erstes Album. Nach weiteren Veröffentlichungen auf diversen Plattenlabeln erschien Mitte 2007 sein drittes Album "Same Thing But Different" bei Millennium Records.

Neelix trat in Deutschland beim Fullmoon-Festival, der Fusion, Indian Spirit, Tshitraka Project, Wonderland, Air Beat One, Shiva Moon, Ov-Silence-Festival, Naked-Festival und Evolution-Festival auf. Internationale Auftritte absolvierte er in Österreich am Sonnenklang-Festival, der Schweiz, Belgien, Holland, Griechenland, Schweden, Dänemark, Ungarn, UK, Israel, Brasilien und Mexiko.

Beim Mushroom-Remix Contest im März 2007 gewann Neelix den digitalen Native-Instruments-Synthie Massive für seine Arbeit mit Anne Clark.

Der Neelix-Sound ist von einem treibenden Bass, sphärischen Flächen und regelmäßigem Einsatz von Vocals sowie der häufigen Verwendung ruhiger, melodischer Passagen als Spannungselement gekennzeichnet. Seine Sets tendieren oftmals in Richtung Elektro, sind aber in der Regel eindeutig als Progressive-Trance zu erkennen. Neelix arbeitet bei seinen Live Auftritten mit einem Notebook, Midi Controller und Keyboards mit zuvor bereits abgemischten Samples, bzw. eigenen Produktionen, die er live arrangiert und verändert.

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