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Welcome to Nowhere - Messrs
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LABEL: Self-released
RELEASE DATE: November 2012
FORMATS: Digital

Band Members

Josh Moore: Vocals, Percussion
Craig Lock: Bass
Chad Hooper: Drums
Justin Walkden: Guitar
Shane LockGuitar, Synth, Vocals


Messrs' story officially begins in 2011, but their heritage goes way back. Having played together in various musical guises over the years, the band's five members - Josh Moore on vocals, Justin Walker on guitar, Chad Hooper on drums and brothers Craig and Shane Lock on bass and synth respectively - took a long time to finally feel comfortable in their creative shoes.

Eschewing their skittish, scatty indie punk stylings of their earlier days, Messrs re-emerged a much more honed and focused unit in 2011. Their new sound rekindled the effortless grooves of Cut Copy, the washed out vocals of '80s new wave and the punchy disco beats of the 21st Century. It was suddenly obvious to many in their homeland of Australia that these enigmatic upstarts finally had their heads screwed on properly.

Having toured extensively, playing festivals such as The Great Escape (UK), The Big Day Out (AUS) and Parklife (AUS) and supporting the likes of Phoenix, Neon Indian and Kele, Messrs eventually got around to putting out their debut EP in late 2012. Welcome To Nowhere dropped last November to immediate acclaim, reaching the Top 40 in the Australian iTunes Albums Chart. The EP's lead single "Desert" also made a massive impact, racking up nearly 60,000 Vimeo views to date.

With ripples slowly growing into waves back home, Messrs have world domination in their sights. Welcome To Nowhere is currently on rotation on more than 100 radio stations in the US and is shooting up several CMJ charts. It's an exciting time for a band that just a few years ago didn't even know who they were. The story may have only just begun for Messrs, but surely it will be a long one to tell at its end.


“Energetic and engaging as ever, these guys know how to put on a show – they are irresistibly infectious.” - FasterLouder

“After I first discovered these guys I pretty much haven’t listened to anything or anyone else.” - Free Indie Music Downloads

“Toe the line between smooth grooves and frantic to perfection. An outstanding group.” - Indie Shuffle


By Alana for Youth Central

Guest reporter Alana says fans of The Killers, Miami Horror and San Cisco will find Messrs must-listen.

Messrs' killer EP "Welcome to Nowhere" is something to definitely listen to. Fronted by Josh Moore, one of the most loved 2012 Big Brother contestants, this five-piece band’s alternative rock sound is infused with thick drumbeats and synth piano accents that make for really great dance tracks and have an anthemic quality that will have you belting out their lyrics.

If you like the musical stylings of The Killers, Miami Horror and San Cisco, then the harder edged, head banging, dance-inducing songs of Messrs will definitely impress. The first track, "Desert", features a heartwrenching chorus line ("Why won't you hold me out in the desert? You control me. I’ll be here forever"), a sexy twang from the guitars and a drumbeat that will leave your body bopping along without you even noticing. The lyrics and vocals create a sense of voyeurism as listeners are invited to watch his love reject him in the desert. A truly magnificent piece!

Following "Desert" is "Everyone Knows", originally the band's stellar debut single from 2011. With a deep bassline, a dancey synth rhythm, angelic choral-like singing and an underlying outer space/galactic film score kind of sound, this is a skilfully crafted piece that will definitely be on repeat on most iPods, and whose remixes will be club favourites.

"Vortex" explores the interesting theme of people wanting to leave behind past mistakes. The lyrics of the chorus ("Time rewinds a thousand lies and you can let go, with you and your black hole") translate a deep sense of wanting to find and move into a particular "nowhere" to escape to. "Vortex" is eccentric and original.

My favourite track, "Morrocan Boy", is by far the most likeable one on the EP. The unique Messrs mix of thick drumbeats, mesmerising guitar hooks, combined with the flawless and heavenly voices of Moore and backup vocalist Shane Lock, highlight the talent and individuality of the Messrs sound, as well as their true creativity as musicians.

The final track on "Welcome to Nowhere" is "Worlds Away", which features gentle tribal beats, saxophone accents and Moore’s angelic voice. However it is perhaps the slowest of tracks and seems to sparkle just a little less than the other tracks.

There is a real connection between what "Welcome to Nowhere" offers in its titles and lyrics, and the sound and composition of their tracks, which echo the notion of being transported somewhere else. Each track has a perfect balance of an indie rock and an alternative sound that will have you singing along to their lyrics and dancing away to their unusual sound instantaneously.

Music is meant to move people, and "Welcome to Nowhere" does just that. These Adelaide boys are a great band to listen to and this EP is highly recommended.

4 out of 5.

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