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Sparks/Ultimate Sun EP - 3421


LABEL: bldg5, ghostown

Band Members

Hezus: Drums
Shuzin: Keys


3421 is a live dubstep, bass and glitch duo based in Haifa - the northern capital of Israel, that has been working and performing since 2009. The band uses an acoustic drum set, 3 synthesizers and vocals to create the sound and flow of a DJ set. Their tunes are played tightly and mixed throughout the show, preserving the energy of a live performance. They use no computers or loops, but rely solely on the fusion of skills and instruments. Their skill as performers mean they have been at the core of the local underground scene for the past 8 years, and they combine a vast mix of electronic genres - dub, dubstep, electro, hip hop, glitch, heavy bass, breaks and jungle.

By now the band has toured Israel throughly, including backing up big names such as Hudson Mohawke, AC Slater, Jakes, Jazzsteppa, Cotti and Sluggabed. This March, they will be performing at both South by Southwest and in New York City. It will be their third time abroad, after having shows in China in 2010 and in Europe ( Switzerland, Germany ) in 2011 and again in 2012. 3421 tend to host singers, MCs and other musicians to their shows, who add another layer to the set. The general plan for the 3421 tour is to feature locals in their sets - in each place they arrive in.


“The ultimate party starters.” - Q Magazine

Q&A article

by Nina Warnerman for http://sensiblereason.com

A new sound is coming to you from the Middle Eastern underground and it’s not to be ignored. 3421 is a live dubstep, bass and glitch duo based out of Haifa, Israel. Their live stage presence creates an unmatched whirlwind of energy that is an original breath of fresh air in today’s world of rinse/repeat computer-generated brostep. They have toured China, Switzerland and Germany, and are now coming to the US!! Sensible Reason had the opportunity to sit and chat with Shuzin, the humble synth player and vocalist of the 3421 duo, to talk about the band and their upcoming tour to America and Europe.

SR: Can you start out with telling us a little bit about yourself? Who is 3421, how did you start playing music together, and what is the most important thing you want people in New York to know about yourselves?

3421 is Hezus (the gypsy drummer) and Shuzin (humble me). Together we have played since 2009, what some people would call Dub/Jungle/Hip Hop, generally any kind of music that lies on punchy drums and fat bass.

SR: And how long have you been making music together?

Well, I started when I was 6, Hezus started I think at 13. We started this project when we lived in the same building, and I had a drum set in my house and a couple of synths. It was quite natural. Before that I had a small bedroom studio and made some beats, but lots of my equipment got trashed and I couldn’t really afford to repair or buy new stuff, so I switched to make live beats with Hezus.

SR: I’ve seen you play with Miss Red, can you tell me a little bit about what you’ve worked on with her?

Miss Red (or MissRead as I like to spell it) is a longtime friend who’s also a part of Haifa based soundsystem “EasyRider“. We started doing stuff with singers, especially Easyrider singers since our beginning – on our first show we hosted General G on few drum and bass tunes, on our 2011 European tour I-Rock supported us in 3 shows and our last tour in Europe was with Red. An important thing that happened is that The Bug started working with her after she grabbed a mic on one of his sets here in Israel in early 2012. So it gave both her and us a push to take it more seriously and work on actual tunes instead of just improvisation.

SR: And do you have any albums out currently?

Yeah, this is something we’re working on at the moment… Actually im on my way to Tel Aviv  because I’m working on some mixes tomorrow morning alongside Rejoicer from Buttering Trio (a cool band you should check out). On February 15th we had a proper launch to our “Ultimate Sun/Sparks” EP.

Nina: How did you get the upcoming gig at South by Southwest?

We got a little push from our friend and manager at Building5 – a new sublabel of AnovaRecords (The Tel Aviv based alternative label that we are currently signed with) which is dedicated to electronic music… Hey, also we’re going to NY!

Nina: I heard!

Boom! Yeah, the NY gig is on the 20th of March. Mercury Lounge. D’you know of this place?

SR: Of course! That’s a great venue! Have you ever been to NY before?

Yeah, a long time ago when I was like 12. Is it still big?

SR: Yes, it’s still big. How long will you be there?

Not too long I believe – we’ve got to be in Europe by April with a stop in Israel in between. We got 2-3 weeks in the US. Right now we’re standing on 3 gigs, but I think its gonna change a lot…

SR: Well, I think that the crew in New York is really going to love you guys. Thank you so much for speaking with me, I wish you all the best abroad!

So there you have it friends, the humble synth player and vocalist from drum and bass duo 3421! I HIGHLY recommend everyone at SXSW and in NYC go check them out, as a New Yorker abroad this is one of the few bands I’ve found in Israel that makes me think of my hometown rage crew every time I go see them. You guys will love them, they fit perfectly into our NYC/Brooklyn scene. Think: Biscuits afterparty. I see you all around me when I go see 3421 over here, so make the dream a reality and go see them over there!!

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