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Shine on Forever - Suit of Lights
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LABEL: Visiting Hours
RELEASE DATE: July 10, 2012
FORMATS: CD / Digital

Band Members

Joe Darone: Vocals and keys
Trevor Dunn: Electric and upright bass
Dan McGowan: Guitar
Billy Carrión Jr.: Sax and flute
Roy Van Tassel: Drums
Scott Chasolen: Piano, organ, rhodes, wurlitzer, clavinet, and moog synths


Suit of Lights recently released a new video for "Shine on Forever," from the album of the same name.Shine on Forever is an exploration into human consciousness, and was influenced by many artists and writers, especially philosophers Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna.

Shine On Forever is the third full-length from Suit of Lights, led by Joe Darone, whose noteworthy alumni include Trevor Dunn from Mr. Bungle, Steve Pedulla from Thursday, and Jamie Egan from Streetlight Manifesto.

Since 2005’s critically-acclaimed self-titled debut, Joe Darone has created his own unique musical universe, incorporating elements of melodic indie pop, angular hard rock, soul, and baroque into Suit of Lights’ 3 full-length albums. Shine On Forever is an exploration into human consciousness, and was influenced by many artists and writers, especially philosophers Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna.

The final track, "In Memory" was written for Darone’s mother, who passed away in December of 2011.


“Highly arresting and hypnotic... this album delivers one tasty melodic track after another” - Jersey Beat Magazine

“Compelling and effective... Bacteria has such broad appeal that it could well propel Suit of Lights into the mainstream.” - Sea of Tranquillity

"Shine on Forever"  MV :: YouTube


By Teresa Di Matteo for http://mvremix.com

Suit of Lights sounds like the first rock band you ever listened to.

Even if you’re a first time listener, there is a familiarity that reminds you of the first time you discovered rock music; it has that carefree, mellow sound reminiscent of the 90s. You can picture the band, led by Joe Darone, playing in a packed, back alley warehouse to a huge crowd of teenagers and societal misfits.

In contrast to their alternative rock sound, there is a slight modern indie rock tie in tracks like “Goodbye Silk City” and “Slap Me Five,” (from their 2005 release entitled Suit of Lights) where the use of horns and acoustics soften up the resolute, dark theme of the album.

Their second album Bacteria, released in 2009, has less of a mysterious essence and more of a commercial feel to it that is subtly unrecognizable in their previous work. Nevertheless it’s quite an intriguing album because it doesn’t feel like a follow up to their 2005 debut. It feels like something completely different because the tunes are refreshing; it’s like the band experienced an epiphany during the writing process.

Their latest release Shine on Forever gives us the opportunity to hear more of Darone’s hypnotic and soothing vocals, and puts more of the emphasis on the musical arrangements; there’s more going on musically in this album than any of its predecessors. The tracks are modern and take Suit of Lights right out of that 90s rock feel and places them directly into the category of indie pop-rock.

Suit of Lights is one of the most honest bands I have come across, in that they fully encompass the rock music many of us fell in love with as a teenager, while at the same time growing with the mainstream. It’s gritty and electric, and even a little spooky at times.

June 19, 2013. By Adrian for http://hobsnobbery.com

It’s impossible to discuss New York’s Suit Of Lights without mentioning its insane lineup of musicians past and present. First off you have vocalist Joe Darone, the former drummer and art director for The Fiendz, the punk band from Totowa, NJ. On top of that there’s the influential bassist Trevor Dunn. A frequent collaborator with Mike Patton, Trevor has played on a number of Patton’s projects from Mr. BungleFantômas and Tomahawk. Steve Pedulla of Thursday also played with the band, as did Streetlight Manifesto‘s Jamie Egan.

Since their formation in 2004, Suit Of Lights have masterfully combined modern indie rock landscapes with a flair for 60′s Psychedelic Pop. The two styles serve as the prime focus of their most recent full-length, 2012′s Shine On Forever.

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