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Rebel Massive - Dubmatix
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Release Info


Album: Rebel Massive
Release Date: Available Now
Label: Echo Beach

Formats: Physical & Digital

Genre: Bass Music Dub, Reggae & More

Album promo blurb

Internationally acclaimed Canadian artist, producer & multi- instrumentalist Dubmatix returns with his 5th album release “Rebel Massive”

“Rebel Massive” includes vocal heavyweights: U-Roy, Luciano, Horace Andy, Eek-­‐A-­‐Mouse, Earl Zero, Cornell Campbell and more.   


Music runs deep within the veins as does the various musical styles Dubmatix brings to his fresh, distinctive productions - from pure, old-school King Tubby dub to the freshest electro-shock to classic conscious roots to Drum'n'Bass and more. Growing up, Dubmatix spent countless hours recording first on a 4-track reel-to-reel tape machine and later, one of the first 12-track digital home studio’s of the 80s. Recording rock, blues, acid, reggae and more – Dubmatix honed his musical skills for writing, arranging and recording. A multi-instrumentalist, Dubmatix performs all instruments on each release that include Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, Melodica, Percussion.

Dubmatix brings these years of experimentation and learning to his current productions – whether it is his own material or outside projects. Dubmatix has developed a unique signature sound and style that is immediately recognizable – a Phil Spector-esque full sound utilizing heavy bass, majestic horn lines, thick-set percussive grooves, and strong production values. It is this unique style and sound that has made Dubmatix much sought after by artists and bands worldwide to bring his distinct flavor to their recordings.

Press comments

A sonic adventure in genre-bending dub & reggae from "Canada's Dread At The Controls"
(Don Lett's BBC Radio / Grammy Award Winner)

"Dubmatix, one man with a relentlessly inventive approach to reverb, rhythm, and reggae - the Primary colors on any dub producers palette (iTunes Canada )

"Canadian producer, Dubmatix, creates some of the freshest reggae around"
(Dermot Hussey XM Radio "The Joint")

"One of the best makers of Dub in this Country" (Garvia Bailey - CBC Radio Canada)


2010 JUNO Award Winner for Best Reggae Recording
2009 JUNO Award Nomination for Best Reggae Recording
2009 Producer of the Year –Reggae Achievement Awards Canada
2008 Exclaim Magazine Best Reggae Album of the Year
2008 #1 Reggae Album of the Year Chart Magazine


CD Releases
1. 2004 Champion Sound Clash
2. 2006 Atomic Subsonic
3. 2008 Renegade Rocker
4. 2010 System Shakedown

Digital Releases
1. Dubmatix meets Howie Smart 2007
2. Dread & Gold Vol. I 2007
3. Dubmatix meets Prince Blanco 2008
4. Dubmatix meets Prince Blanco 2009
5. Dubmatix “Rough Out Riddim” feat. Howie Smart, Fitti Warri, Hornsman Coyote, Mighty Howard 2010
6. Dubmatix meets Freddylocks “Power EP” 2009
7. Dubmatix meets Nate Wize - Renegade Remixes Vol. 1 2010
8. The Berlin Sessions 2010

Vinyl Releases
1. Dubmatix feat. Ranking Joe “War Inna Corner” 2008
2. Dubmatix feat. Howie Smart “Rough Out The Road” 2009
3. Dubmatix feat. Fitti Warri “Honourable & Devine” 2009
4. Dubmatix feat. Mighty Howard “Irieness” 2009
5. Dubmatix feat. Tippa Irie “Happy” 2010
6. Abassi All-Stars meets Dubmatix “Eko Dub” 2010

A few notable Remixes
1. The Clash “London Calling” Shatter The Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribute To Joe 2010
2. John Brown’s Body “Re-Amplify” (#8 Billboard Chart)
3. Easy All Stars “Breathe” for Dub Side Of The Moon remixed 2010/2011 release


April 20th, 2013. http://thegroovethief.com

Jesse King aka Dubmatix is a dub mastermind from Canada. His albums “Champion Sound Clash” (2005), “Atomic Subsonic” (2006), “Renegade Rocker” (2008), “System Shakedown” (2010) and “System Shakedown Remixes” (2011) hit the spot worldwide and shook up the reggae massives all over the planet. Dubmatix is continually evolving his style, taking new influences on board on each new recording; by now it simply doesn’t do justice to the incredible breadth of his work to slap a ‘dub’ sticker on it. His new and fifth album feature an impressive roster of respected guest stars, including Tenor Fly, Horace Andy, Eek A Mouse, Prince Jazzbo, Earl Zero, U-Roy, Cornell Campbell, Luciano and many, many more. These collaborations see him effortlessly incorporating all conceivable facets of reggae and dub with a striking self-assurance and combining them with an exceptional willingness to experiment and take new directions. This kaleidoscope of variety is particularly in force of his upcoming brand new album. As well as working as a musician and producer, Jesse King is also a sought-after remixer and app designer, with recent remixes including tracks for the Easy Star All-Stars, John Brown's Body, Zion Train, Martha & The Muffins, Don Letts and Mungo’s HiFi.

For his new album he spent 2 years in the past and a lot of time in tweaking the knobs on high class Roots Tunes inna crossover style…!

May 17th, 2013. http://reggaemani.wordpress.com

Bass-fueled Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist
Dubmatix is back with his fifth studio album Rebel Massive, a set collecting twelve songs, of which one is built on separate instrumental parts and gives the opportunity to create an own remix.

Dubmatix has over the years created his very own eclectic blend of contemporary reggae made up from an equal amount of early roots, dancehall, dub, drum & bass and electronica spiced with sounds effects such as sirens and laser beams. It has assaulted fans from all over the world, but it has also attracted lots of attention from acclaimed singers and deejays and Dubmatix has on his albums invited lots of guest singers, including Michael Rose, Alton Ellis, Mighty Diamonds and Dennis Alcapone.

Rebel Massive has twelve guests and some of the greatest performances are courtesy of the aggressive Tenor Fly on the hammering album opener Show Down, Luciano on the breezy Seeds of Love & Life and Tenja on the pulsating Can’t Put Us Down.

Eek-A-Mouse also lends his skills to the heavy as lead Pull Up Selector, a track sounding like it’s pushed forward by a steamroller.

This Toronto native and Juno Award winner continues to push sonic boundaries and cross-feeding traditional reggae with its bass heavy cousins and siblings.

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