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ON THE HORIZON - Mojo Rising

Release Info

Artist: Mojo Rising

Album: On The Horizon
Release date: July 24th 2013
Label: Cold Busted

Genres: Chill, Funk, R&B, Trippy


mojofication [moh-joh-fi-key-shuhn] - noun - The process of adding a fix of funk, a touch of soul, a pinch of jazz and a whole lot of bass.

Currently releasing tracks under the moniker Mojo Rising, Mojo explores all styles within electronic dance music with a primary focus on music within the downtempo, chill out and trip hop genres.

With several well-received releases and remixes out on the Cold Busted label and on Journees Music, Mojo Rising continues to define his eclectic style; exploring new school sounds with an old school flavor.


From a young age, music has been an obsession for Mojo Rising. Growing up, this was first expressed as a performer in jazz and symphonic bands. Yes... he was a band geek. The desire to create music was first seeded once Mojo was
introduced to MIDI, sampling and synthesis in high school.

Then, he discovered the rave scene... and began mixing in 1992. Finding a home in the robust Los Angeles scene, Mojo spun prolifically throughout the 90s. Resident spots at three of L.A.'s more well-known underground events - What? Afterhours, Insomniac (which now throws the epic Electric Daisy Carnival festival) and F.A.M.I.L.Y. - helped pave the way for steady bookings throughout southern California and beyond.

A self-imposed hiatus from live gigs was engaged in 2000 to further educational goals and explore the world of music production. This had been a life-long aspiration and was the original impetus that drew Mojo into DJing. With degrees in Computer Science and Recording Arts, technology has become a critical tool. The academic world helped with focus, discipline, organization and introduced new ideas. After developing a virtual theremin application for his undergraduate project, developing new musical interfaces became another area of strong interest. Mojo maintains a blog at http://www.mojosdojo.com/ focusing on the convergence of music and technology, as well as serving as a repository for his mixes and tracks.

But for now, the focus is on music. With a wide spectrum of influences as a music consumer, as a DJ and now as a producer... expect a diverse array of styles from Mojo Rising.

Featured co-DJ - Mister T

Dimitris Tentinis aka Mister T. born at 1983 in Kavala (Nort hern Greece). At the age of nine started music studies for the next ten years of his life.On his music journey he was influenced by several musicians and music groups such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Oscar Brown Jr, Nina Simone,James Brown,Fela Kuti, St.Germain, Nicola Conte, Mo’Horizons, Thievery Corporation, Stereo MC’s, U2, Yello, Depeche Mode, New Order, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack,Coldcut, Dj Shadow, Bent, Royksopp, Urlich Shnauss, Jamiroquai, Crazy Pennis a nd many thousands artists more.He started writing his music ideas since 2001.The whole ”thing” born in his father’s personal music studio which built one year before.His father, Nikolaos Tentinis gave him the musical and t echnical knowledge he was needing to start making ”beats”. His music production style is mostly groovy withlot of funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and deep influences. He also like writing in downtempo / trip hop style. Parallel to his production activities, he began working as a DJ since 2003.His sets are based on ''easy listening'' music and always depends on t he general mood. A blend of downt empo / t rip hop, lounge, funk, soul, hip hop jazz, hip hop instrumental, jazz, swing, rock n roll, garage, broken beats, reggae, dub, afro, latin, house, deep house, soulful house etc. Resident in the past for many venues such as: Cafe au Lait , Mikro Nisi, I Aliki exei lathos agori, Almyra Beach, Koxyli Beach, Buena Vista, Ke.Mpraxo, Ethnik, Notica, Kapnomagazo and many more. Since June 2011 is a member of Cold Busted (US) and lot of releases are on the way.


July 22nd, 2013. By D for http://acidted.wordpress.com

LA DJ/producer Mojo Rising presents this delightful album sampler of hip-shaking funk and Latin-influenced grooves.

‘Bumpy Ride,’ and ‘Watcha Doin,’ possess fat, raunchy, bass beats hooked up with brass, percussion and vocal exhortations all daring one not to dance. Very Fatback/Brass Construction and lovely to boot. A Latin jazz feel permeates ‘Just For Listening’ and ‘Boom Boom Martini,’ the former all very bossa nova before the crunchy synth and crisp drumming pump it up a tad while the latter has a trip-hop bent, the combination of funky drumming and xylophone adding to the pleasure.

There’s an endearing quirkiness to ‘Caravan,’ the downtempo beat supporting all manner of odd pops, swishes and breaks while ‘I Laugh’ follows in much the same vein, the Hammond organ and vocoder vocals a real step back in time.

Languid, funky and perfect for summer.

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