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Nitro EP - Irontom
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LABEL: Irontom Records
FORMATS: Physical, Digital

Band Members

Harry Hayes: Vocals
Zach Irons: Guitar
Daniel Saslow: Keyboards
Dylan Williams: Drums
Dane Sandborg: Bass


Los Angeles-based Irontom comes from good stock, be it their influences or the fact that guitarist Zach Irons and drummer Dylan Williams are the respective son and nephew of rock and roll journeyman Jack Irons, original drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers and assorted rock legacy (Pearl Jam, Joe Strummer etc). In fact, Zach was taught to play guitar by Chili Pepper veteran and guitar hero John Frusciante.

IRONTOM emerged at the beginning of the year with an intent on forging a presence for themselves on the Los Angeles music scene. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to the Arctic Monkeys, the music exhibits a variety of styles and sounds on top of a classic sensibility for song writing. The personalities of each of the five musicians combine to form an undeniably powerful and energetic sound.

IRONTOM recently released their debut EP, The Loose EP, on October 17th, 2012. Produced by Alain Johannes (Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell), this EP exhibits a variety of styles and sounds with a classic songwriting sensibility. Listen to The Loose EP to hear the range and diversity of the band. The music is effects-heavy, detailed in its parts and harmonies, and honest in its message.


“So if you are looking for a young band that meshes 80’s style epic melodic climaxes and falls, with a fresh new spin and a dancy, fun vibe, then your search is over, Irontom is the band for you. ” - Bad Ass Band Blog

“ It’s Irontom, a stolid moniker well-suited to the L.A. quintet’s tense, ’90s-indebted indie-rock, full of shifting rhythms and prickly guitars. ” - Buzzbands LA


http://badassbandsblog.com 05/06/2013

Irontom’s sophomore EP definitely proves them a more mature band. ‘The Nitro EP’, a four-song compilation, overall boasts intensely truthful lyrics, perfectly crafted crescendos and is as hard hitting this band has ever been.  Track 1, ‘What Will Happen to all the Indie Stars’ is the perfect example of these descriptors. This song brings to life a sad truth in the indie music scene with lyrics like, “So I heard the word, and it sounded grey. People say that no one even listens to records today. So why does everyone have a fucking band? They may get some things right, but they just do not understand, that its not enough just to play anymore…” Vocalist Harrison Hayes conducts the instrumentals via vocals that you can feel are filled with rage, but stay steady until building to a top notch screech that drives the chorus home.

‘Nitro’ is a more guitar (Zach Irons) fueled track, however, with all Irontom songs you can’t deny the rhythm section (comprised of Dylan Williams and Dane Sandborg). This track really brings to light the power of the backing vocals. “Where have you been? What do you want? I hope they’re not the same. Because we are not each other’s, and we are no ones…” The harmonious, echo-y support vocals, really ‘make’ this song on the album.

The slow track on the EP is ‘Boy Born’, which is best categorized as dream-like, funky rock. The combination of the chants, mellower instrumentals and a heavier keys presence (Daniel Saslow) build the listener’s anticipation slowly to Irontom’s signature climax. This is where they drive their message right into your heart with the heavy-handed rhythm section. The climax lyrics being, “Boy born thinkin, the day is so long, boy born thinkin, thoughts that had done him wrong, and what I can say, I cannot say. I wish I could say I had the brains that I was born with, I wish I could say my insecurities wouldn’t be missed, I just want to understand the gift. “

Last, but definitely not least, is ‘Tinkerbell’ do not let the dainty name fool you.There are few words I can use to describe this tune, epic being the most fitting. The lyrical content of ‘Tinkerbell’ is a criticism of kids who think it’s easy to become rock stars and have it all. This exemplified through lines like, “Kids who grew up thinking they’re gonna be rock stars, supermodels, champagne, and sports cars. There ain’t no good jobs,There ain’t no good jobs and the boarders on fire, a lot of trouble follows the word ‘empire’”. The guitar is hard hitting, with a killer distorted solo before heading into the final stage of the song.  This is THE song to end an album on.

What Irontom does best is that the instrumentals-whether it be the hard hitting drums, the deep bass lines, haunting keys, or the funky/raging guitar- truly are a perfectly crafted vehicle for showcasing the vocals and driving their lyrics across to the listener. Irontom’s ‘The Nitro’ is not an album to be ignored.

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