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Metal n Dust EP - London Grammar
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Release Info

Album: Metal & Dust
Release Date: May 17th 2013.
Label: Metal & Dust Recording Ltd

Band Members

Hannah Reid
Dot Major
Dan Rothman


English trio London Grammar combined sparse electronic pop in the model of the xx with dramatic, big-voiced lead singer Hannah Reid, whose vocals evoke contemporaries Florence Welch and Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes. Reid and guitarist Dan Rothman met in the dorms of Nottingham University where they began writing music together in 2009 and later added multi-instrumentalist Dot Major to complete the lineup. The following years saw them refine their sound with atmospheric electronics and subtle percussion and they often played to rooms of no more than ten people. Their popularity rose with the 2012 release of “Hey Now” which they uploaded to the internet and instantly found an online cult following. Their fans were not just in the U.K., but also on the other side of the world in Australia, where their self-released 2013 debut EP Metal & Dust reached the Top 5 of the iTunes chart. The same year they signed to Ministry of Sound and the single “Wasting My Young Years” appeared as the first release on the label. 2013 also saw them play a sold-out show at the Islington Assembly Hall and make an appearance at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton.


Febuary 18th, 2013, By Laura Snapes for http://pitchfork.com/reviews

London Grammar's debut single, "Hey Now", was an exquisitely icy slow build buffeted with spare, soulful keys. What little percussion there was sounded particular to the south of their eponymous city, an impression strengthened by Hannah Reid's particularly Jesse Ware-like vocal. "Metal and Dust", the second song to be taken from a forthcoming EP, takes its rhythmic cues from a city further west; the dry, shuffling rattle of the chorus is a dead ringer for Massive Attack's 'Unfinished Symphony", though the mood here is more emotionally forlorn. The materials of the song's title concern the crumble of a life built on trust, a relationship where a couple argue, but never fight, and the house around them. The elemental metaphor is appropriate; London Grammar account for every slippery string, vocal echo, ultrasound heartbeat, and wordless, holy vocal peal on "Metal and Rust", the second in a so-far immaculate collection.

June 18th, 2013. By Chloe Reynolds for http://www.spaceshipnews.com.au

Smouldering with sweet melancholic layers, British trio London Grammar will quite literally make you stop what you’re doing and inhale. It’s almost like you can breathe in these beautiful sounds, and on their debut EP Metal & Dust, the uncertainty of youthful love is a reflective tone that rings throughout. Highly resonant with a tribe of amazing female vocalists that sound as if angels were pouring out of their souls, Hannah Reid rides the whimsical wave of sophisti-pop as a new age songstress, while guitarist Daniel Rothman balances the electronic edge brought to the fore by beatmaker Dot Major.

Opening track ‘Metal & Dust’ builds with the chorus  lyrics”we argue, we don’t fight” and makes one think of the home that love is and the metaphors that can be built all around it, especially when it falls apart. The trip hop launches in the middle of the track and takes the listener on a little dance of their own nostalgic life experiences.

The stand out song on the outfit’s first offering is ‘Hey Now’. Trembling with emotion and vulnerability, the cleansing notion of burning letters by the side of your bed is tangible. Reid’s voice crescendos with grace and poise, and the music behind her, whilst spare, lends the song an  effortless ambiance.‘Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me‘ opens with a sweet little guitar riff and builds with a hip shaking tribal drum beat, the question of the song’s namesake lingers in the air with Reid’s luscious vocals. Album closer

Metal & Dust is an elegant, polished first offering that, with a run of festival dates and an album to boot, will surely earn London Grammar a place in more than a few peoples’ hearts.

June 13th, 2013. By Tanya Ali for http://www.theaureview.com

When I first heard "Hey Now" by London Grammar on the radio earlier this year, I literally had to stop what I was doing, close my eyes and listen. Lead singer Hannah Reid’s voice is simply arresting – it has an incredible amount of depth. I was so frustrated that I could find so little about them on the internet, and that they hadn’t officially released anything in Australia. Finally, this elusive trio has released Metal & Dust, their debut four-track EP, and it’s certainly something.

The opening title track, “Metal & Dust” is reminiscent of fellow Brits Daughter at first, but then evolves into a wonderful fusion of folk and laidback electronic. Track number two on the EP, “Hey Now”, blows me away more with every listen. The breadth of Reid’s voice in the lower register, and the haunting quality in the higher register, the muted guitar riffs and subtle synthesised textures, the soaring climaxes, the raw emotion – it’s just a magnificent track.

Since their rise to prominence, London Grammar have been constantly compared to the xx - while I love the xx, I think these two bands are doing pretty different things. Each song on Metal & Dust is different. “Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me” features some awesome bongo work, and is more rock-folk than the two singles – perhaps even a little 80s nostalgia. The remix of “Hey Now” by band member Dot Major completely reinvents the track – it is transformed from a minimalist ballad into a percussive extravaganza of sound and it works.

These guys are super talented. Metal & Dust is a stellar first effort and my only gripe is that it ends all too soon. Fingers crossed for an album soon – and a visit to Australia, because I have a feeling seeing London Grammar live would be pretty darn special.

Review Score: 8.8 out of 10

May 15th, 2013, By Michelle pitirius for http://vulturemagazine.com.au

Friday May 17 will finally see the digital release of pommy trio London Grammar’s magical debut EP – a four track emotional fire starter and sends the listener on a journey from the likes of a tribal love plea, bounces into a tumultuous love affair, and ends in a remix that will haunt you for days.

The EP starts off with its namesake, ‘Metal and Dust’, and spins lyrics “We argue, we don’t fight, stay awake til the middle of the night”, with singer Hannah Reid’s howling voice giving life to a memory of a difficult relationship you may not have even had the displeasure of experiencing yet. It echoes a harrowing experience onto soft electronica that is simply infallible. ‘Hey Now’, the track that cemented the band into our hearts, is the guts and glory of this EP as Reid sings out a lover that she has obviously had to let go. “Letters burning by my bed for you, Hey Now…”. If you have to burn the letters of your lost love in your bedroom and can’t even make it out to at least the kitchen sink, that tells you someone is hurting a lot. Gurrrrl, that is a fire hazard. He ain’t worth it! But honestly, this is our favorite of the four, and the building guitar riff under Reid’s calling out is just divine. ‘Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me’ introduces the use of a jungle drum beat with a more upbeat tempo of guitar and lyrical sass. She expresses the desperation of noticing her lover is halfway out the door, but makes it sound like you need to almost dance to it. She tells of how she is “Still holding onto your waistband..”. Holding on to something has never sounded so foot-tappingly tempting. The EP finishes with a Dot Major remix of ‘Hey Now’. If you thought Reid’s voice was eerie before, think again. Thankfully the subtle techno lines on top of her nostalgic voice will bring you back to 2013 and keep you grounded. If it weren’t for these we feel you may have tried to build a time machine to transport you back to that sad relationship you were in.**

**Vulture takes no responsibility in failed time machine attempts to rekindle broken relationships. Get your shit together man.

LONDON GRAMMAR's new album 'If You Wait' will be released on September 6th 2013. Here is the MV for advance single off "If You Wait'; 'Wasting My Younger Years".....

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