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LIVE IN COPENHAGEN - Anders Trentemøller

Release Info

Artist: Anders Trentemøller

Album: Live in Copenhagen
Release Date: 07-08-2013
Label: In My Room


Since the release of his second studio album 'Into The Great Wide Yonder' music wizard Anders Trentemoller has been constantly touring live around the globe, from Australia to Europe and North and South America. From intimate to all of the important festivals, including Sonar Festival and Coachella (highlighted as one of the best shows at Coachella that year - NME). The 'Into The Great Wide Yonder' tour ended with 2 consecutive nights at Den Gra Hal in Christiania, Copenhagen in November last year. Once more completely sold out weeks before, these shows perfectly topped the tour off with great sound and a fantastic crowd. Fortunately the last show has been recorded on both audio and video and we are happy to release the essence on a special album, exclusively mastered for iTunes. It includes key tracks from 'Into The Great Wide Yonder', but also three tracks from 'The Last Resort' alongside bonus tracks. Even if you're a longtime follower of Trentemoller, you will discover his best songs in new live versions, which have been completely recomposed for the live shows.


01. The Mash and the Fury - 10:56
02. Shades of Marble - 8:13
03. ...even though you're with another Girl - 4:55
04. Past the Beginning of the End - 6:27
05. Vamp - 4:12
06. Sycamore Feeling - 7:49
07. Miss you - 6:08
08. Moan - 9:47
09. Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider go!!! - 7:44


Wednesday, 19 June 2013 11:13, Written by Sebastian Huhn for reflectionsofdarkness.com

Those of you who've had the pleasure of seeing TRENTEMÖLLER live already know full well that there's sort of a special aura surrounding those dates. I've considered many of the tracks I had heard this far too complicated to showcase them properly in a live setting before my first live encounter. Right when you're past the first track, you're bound to change your mind. There are things that you just can't do live without the expense of doing it becoming too much for a concert. Those things remain on tape. Everything else, including the electronic drums, is being played live. Thus, everything's losing the artificial touch which is attached to electronic music ever since its early days. Most of the material presented on the digital release 'Live in Copenhagen' is taken off the recent album 'Into The Great Wide Yonder' with a couple of intersections from the debut record.

'The Mash and The Fury' expands to over 10 minutes and in the live context reveals dynamics that were yet unseen. 'Shades Of Marble' takes over from there in a rather straight fashion that is an invite for dancing to a beat-driven lullaby. The first vocal track drifts of into the ethereal, solely carried on sustained tones a little bubbling beat joins in. 'Vamp' benefits a lot from the live treatment, the rumbling of the bass is almost palpable to the listener. 'Miss You' off the first album 'The Last Resort' is almost completely an ambient track, if very organic in its fabric. The clarity of the melodies and the crystalline sounds of the xylophone add a lot to the track's thick live atmosphere. 'Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider go!!!Ä is the way to end the show in proper style. It's coming across like a 70s a distinguished 70s indie rock track with random, subtle electronic incursions and at the end there's only silence...

June 21st, 2013. By Jude for http://boomvire.com

Any of you Boomvire followers who have followed me from start will know that I am a one massive big fan of Trentemoller. This electronic musician genius not only gives us a taste of the best dark electronic sound, but also surprises us with his live performance. After the release of his highly rated album "Into The Great Wide Yonder“, Trentemoller has been touring globally in America, Europe, and to some of the most influential festivals such as Coachella Festival. This album is recorded mostly in his last show of the “Into The Great Wide Yonder” tour in his birth place Copenhagen.

What really fascinates me about Trentemoller is that this music wizard arranged his songs totally different for his live performance, with support of his backup band. You instantly sunk into his world of sound, pleasing you with his familiar tunes, but surprising you with the cleverly composed live arrangements. Non of the songs in his live performance was the same as his album version, you almost forgot that Trentemoller an electronic music producer (or DJs that on turntables).

My personal favourite is the Shades of Marble, Sycamore Feeling, and Moan. Shades of Marble successfully demonstrates Trentemoller’s music talent in dark music production. Putting this track at the start of the live performance can totally show off his music philosophy. I just love about Sycamore Feeling’s arrange for live, with a very surprising bassline drop towards the end of the song, which I would have never expected to hear. And Moan just highlights the emotional peak of his live set, a legend song by Trentemoller, Moan is still one of the finest master piece that he has ever released to the world.

They tried to record this live set with video image, but sadly due to technical reasons, they decided not to release it. It was about some lighting problems which led to an undesirable video quality. Thus, this album is only exclusively released as a digital version on itunes.

I highly recommend this album, and especially if you already like Trentemoller’s music. This live album will surprise you. Trentemoller decided to release on his personal youtube channel a video recorded version of “Shades of Marble”. This would act as a sneak peek to this amazing live show. Sit back and enjoy before you purchase the digital audio album and sink yourself totally into the world of Trentemoller.

Trentemøller and his band of merry men are busy hitting exciting festivals with tremendous stage performances that are leaving crowds mesmerized. A good example being the Pitch Festival in Holland. With Trentemøller Live In Copenhagen, the fun comes to you.

Previously released on iTunes only, the album has been made available in all digital shops.  Most of the 12 tracks were recorded on the second of the two nights Trentemøller played at Den Grå Hal in Christiania, Copenhagen – which signalled the end of their “Into the Great White Yonder” tour.

The album features live electronics as well as live instruments. The songs are more raw and energetic compared to their more civilized studio counterparts. Their unique sound mixture positioned between Efterklang and Radiohead, is proving to be a sure fire hit. This act/band/ensemble – call it what you will – have the potential to appropriately age with serious cult status.

- See more at: http://bpmmag.co.za/news/music-news/out-now-trentemoller-live-in-copenhagen/#sthash.BQD8anpU.dpuf

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