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Kowloon - The Longwalls
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LABEL: Static Motor Recordings
RELEASE DATE: Available Now
FORMATS: CD / Digital

Band Members

Alan Wuorinen: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Upright Bass, Pedal Steel, Synths
Kurt von Stetten: Drums, Cello, Hand Percussion, Synths, Backing Vocals
Dan London: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
Brandon Comstock: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Synths, Backing Vocals


Mining the edges of indie, country, and the worst of basic cable, The Longwalls make American pop music. Featuring ex-Gatsby heroes Alan Wuorinen and Brandon Comstock with Dan London and DIY wunderkind Kurt von Stetten on drums, The Longwalls stalk a line between noisy post-pop and twang—exploring ideas and ideals from pop and pulp alike.

For their latest 8-song EP Kowloon, The Longwalls found inspiration in the ancient Chinese city from which the record was named.

In Hong Kong there was once a walled city, Kowloon. An ungoverned 6-acre city within a city, home to 33,000 people. Urban density and decay in overdrive. A crush of tiny apartments. Trash and running water in the streets. Rare pools of light.

Yet life maintained. Amidst the darkness and back-alley operators. Against the cold stone, ash, and dust. An embodiment of the unplanned and unchecked, a mix of pessimism and isolationism, a Kowloon can grow within the mind before you know it. Twenty teetering stories of paralyzing uncertainty walled off from rational thought.

Know that the Kowloon was eventually demolished; a peaceful park of scenic gardens quietly rest in its place. Life maintains.

As the group explains, "The album explores loss, struggle, melancholia, and the feeling all of us have of sometimes just wanting to give up. In Kowloon we found an analog for all these ideas: alone together, decay, wanting to escape, resilience, etc. It’s important to note that record is not meant to be dire in any way. We wanted it to be about how life shines through no matter what. We could all just use a little more peace. We think it’s a hopeful record."


“A perfect blend of Americana and catchy-as-heck pop.” - Band in Boston

"Our Americana is one that can look one direction and see America, yet look the other direction and see the wild expanses of the untamed ocean. The Longwalls have captured this essence." - Boston Band Crush

“With a burst of clash-like rhythms mixed with an Elvis Costello, jangling guitar, The Longwalls lay down an epic sound on Careers in Science as it slips and slides its way into an anthem of sorts for the post-punk, neo-new wave rockers.” - Culture Bomb

“A start-to-finish power-pop gem with equal amounts jangle and twang.” - Beat The Indie Drum


December 4th, 2012. By Lisa Gerarde for http://www.theowlmag.com

The Longwalls evoke wintry discontent and hope springing eternal within the walls of their latest album, Kowloon. The Longwalls hail from the Boston area, and their sound reflects a wide array of music steeped in the Americana tradition. The band consists of ex-Gatsby members Alan Wuorinen and Brandon Comstock (vocals and guitar, respectively), with drummer Kurt von Stetten and Dan London on bass. Kowloon is an excursion through the best of times and the worst of times, much like the residents of the Kowloon Walled City (the inspiration for the album’s name).

The opening track, “Vassa,” leads us through a harsh winter-land to observe a tiny speck of life that eventually crashes through the ice, but with a true patriotic spirit, the land is still loved, though it is “cold and dark and blue.” “Vassa” throws you for a curve, as the rest of the album is pure alt-country, with songs like “Big MT” and “Maybe Golden” hinting at the darker edges of the human condition. Kowloon is a lovely novella of an album at 8 songs, and we hope The Longwalls will break out and through to a wider audience; they deserve it.

March 4th, 2013. By http://redlineroots.blogspot.com.au

My first review for RLR, Glenn Yoder, forwarded the folks in the band The Longwall’s my way, and man, I am happy that he did so. The band masterfully blends traditional folk instruments and music with a modern style of synth usage, sound modulation, and atmospheric noise dynamics that is really quite impressive and pleasing to the ears. I have to admit that this style of music was never really my thing until I gave this record a listen…and I have to say, that after playing this through a few times, I am a fan.

The record kicks off with Vaasa. A slightly grungy track, a bit lonesome and isolated kind of feeling makes it way through my bones as Alan Wuorinen delivers a vocal performance slightly reminiscent of The Low Anthem. I hear bits and pieces throughout the 8 tracks that remind me of that band (which I have no complaints about, because I love the Low Anthem and its different enough that it took me a long time to pinpoint the likeness). Track 3 (Long for Shipwrecks) has a bit of a Bright Eyes feel to the vocal and lyrics (which I also enjoy). Its upbeat, with a happy whistle throughout the song.There are ever-present, complex arrangements of traditional folk instrumentation interspersed with synth and sound modulation which is really interesting. It pulls me back and forth from an acoustic roots feel, to something I would most likely hear on college radio...well, stations that have good taste at least.
Track 5 (Woods Pretty) is my favorite of the eight. It has got a bit more of a rootsy, haunting feel. I get a very rural, wintertime, warm fire, going for a snowy drive in New England vibe when listening to it…which I can never complain about, but I may have a little bias here. The vocals have a slight raspiness to them, gives it a bit of a calming feel (again wintertime, hibernation, etc.) and has a cool harmony part that carries the listener along for the ride. Either way, it paints a great atmosphere that really pulls you into the song.
The band has presented a adaptive collection of songs ranging from folk to indie rock to avant-garde ambience and back again, blending the best elements of roots/country music with something hip/modern day music fans will appreciate. Thank you Longwalls, you have turned this roots music purist into a believer that good, traditional folk music can evolve using electronic instruments without causing detriment to the genre. Keep it coming!

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