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Isolationist - Enola Fall
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LABEL: Creative Vibes
RELEASE DATE: May 15, 2012
FORMATS: CD / Digital

Band Members

Joe Nuttall: Lead Vocals, Piano, Synth, Guitar
Lochie James: Guitar, Vocals
Nick Howe: Bass, Synth, Vocals
Stan Barnes: Drums, Vocals


Isolationist - 2012 - Creative Vibes
I am an Aerial - 2011 - Creative Vibes
Glorious Five Year Plan - 2009 - Independent
I Made a New Friend - 2007 - Independent
We Never Sleep - 2006 - Independent


Tasmania is Australia’s smallest and southernmost state. Removed from the mainland by sea, it is reasonably famous for Errol Flynn, pinot noir and being the closest population centre to Antarctica.

Four piece alternative band Enola Fall call this place home, specifically the capital city of Hobart. The small, isolated island is a place that few recognize, and in many ways exists as a vacuum. This is just one of the reasons that Enola Falls' music is quite different, often described as "unconventional." Since their formation several years ago, they have begun to add their name to the state’s modest list of accomplishments.

Their I am an Aerial EP was released in April 2011 and has produced two number one singles on the chart site wearehunted.com, as well as airplay on 22 US stations including AAA reporters WSYC, WERU and Radio Free Charlotte.

Among others, they have supported the likes of Sparkadia, Amanda Palmer, The Jezabels, Cloud Control, The Panics, The Violent Femmes, Something for Kate, Architecture in Helsinki and Eskimo Joe.

The collection of songs on Isolationist is an introduction to the band’s rather idiosyncratic sound. From the relentless attack of "We Become Wolves" and "Punctured Lung" to the hypnotic loops of "Capture the Flag" and the Bon Iver-ish "I Made a New Friend."

Enola Fall will touring internationally in 2012, Including shows in the USA.


“Superb pop, with just a hint of theatricality.” - Triple J

"For such a small island, Tasmania has a bit of a musical storm brewing, and sitting right at the centre is Enola Fall. Their soaring guitar riffs and Nuttall’s distinctive voice separate them from the hoards of indie man-meets-guitar bands that fill the airwaves, while their style stretches from the darkly intense to the edgy side of folk." - Scenewave


July 11th, 2012. By Quick Strike for strikerbill.com

Chances are that when you think of the little island of Tasmania the first and only thing that comes to mind is the satirized representation of the country’s most famous species, otherwise known as the Tasmanian Devil.  But as with most places there is a lot of history lurking beyond the realm of our knowledge, and the island has also spawned such notable characters as movie star Eroll Flynn, actor Simon Baker of the Mentalist, cricketing great Ricky Ponting, and current NASCAR driver Marcos Ambrose.  Of course, there are a lot more than just those, and hailing from the country’s capital city of Hobart, the band Enola Fall aims to have themselves someday counted amongst the country’s notable figures.

Made up of Joe Nuttall, Lochie James, Stan Barnes, and Nick Howe, the group has been releasing material under the Enola Fall banner since 2006′s We Never Sleep, but are now aiming to make a name for themselves in homes and mp3 players across the United States.  Their new LP Isolationist is a collection made up of both new material and some of the most notable highlights from their catalog of songs that is designed to offer a tailor-made introduction to the band.  Amongst them, the song “We Become Wolves” provides a look into many of the sonic aspects that have become the group’s calling card.  A churning little whirlwind of sound that features energetic rhythm guitar and percussion and well placed, picked electric guitar complements, “We Become Wolves” seems to exist in a perpetual state of gradual growth from it’s first chords to the moment it begins to fade out three minutes later.  Joe Nuttall’s signature vocal work starts off modestly enough before building up to a frenetic, warbling yelp as he repeatedly declares “Don’t Stop.”  It’s slow simmering structure is appealing, but it’s lack of a definite sonic apex can be a little bit on the disappointing side of things.  Still, the band’s brand of pop intensity is more than enough to gain them more than a few fans Stateside.

Isolationist by Enola Fall is available now on CD and in mp3 format.

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