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Here It Is EP - DJ Coming Soon
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Release Info

Artists: Coming Soon

Abum: Here It Is
Release Date: Available now
Label: Spin Twist Records.

Genre: Psy Trance


A brand new progressive trance project That already marked is name in the scene. With a debut EP released in mid April on SPIN TWIST RECORDS (most recognized label of psytrance), And planned releases for 2012 such as: massive remix to "CAPTAIN HOOK Vs FREEDOM FIGHTERS - MARSHMALLOWS". Another remix to "FREEDOM FIGHTERS - LITTLE PHATTY", And a brand new track that will be release soon on "CAPTAIN HOOK" V/A ON IBOGA RECORDS -"LIMITLESS". The names behind this project are: Dui Biton & Irad Brant, 29 & 26 years old, from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Irad & Dui already played on the biggest electronic stages in the world each with his own solo project. after years of playing and working together they decides to collaborate and started a serious project together.Both have reputation and experience no need mentioning . In short... "COMING SOON" are ready to smash some dance floors!!!! "COMING SOON" is all about progressive trance , deep basslines , knocking kicks , and a massive drive!!!

Interview with Coming Soon's Dui Biton & Irad Brant

Hello guys, thanks for sitting down with us. How has 2013 been treating you guys?

Coming Soon: 2013 has been too kind for us :) we getting a lot of love from our fans

For those that may not know you, tell us a bit about yourselves and how you came into forming “Coming Soon”.

Coming Soon:Actually coming soon just entered the scene in April 2012 after our track “i only smoke”
that was also our first release , we had our full on projects each one separately , then decided to do a project together and this what came out , all of course with the amazing support from SPIN TWIST RECORDS

30.000 fans on facebook, “Become One” hitting #1 on the beatport chart, releases being supported by the tech-trance gods. Enjoying the ride much?

Coming Soon: We have been touring for years with our other projects, but this time its totally different , we getting so much love and we are loving it, we cant wait always to sit in the studio and make new stuff for our fans.

You mentioned you have some tour USA Tour Dates planned. What cities are you looking to play in?

Coming Soon: We got something coming up in the USA , still nothing confirmed but we love it and would like to visit all the big cities

Progressive/PSYtrance is getting more recognized across the world, especially here in America. Do you think it’s been long overdue, your thoughts?

Coming Soon: We think that prog trance has had his formula for years …but now its changed a lot and became more commercial, it became groovy music that will just fit to any party, this is the time for PROG TRANCE.

Can you tell us something we are the first to know?

Coming Soon: A new EP for coming soon in End of JUNE :)

Describe your sound in three words.

Coming Soon: Deep / Tight and Groovy

You’re planning to release a “Remix Album” Soon. Can you tell us little more about it and when we can expect it?

Coming Soon:The remix album is coming out very soon we think in JULY …will include the biggest names in Prog trance remixing our stuff.,, of course releasing in SPIN TWIST records .

Not many people know this but… Dui & Irad are very good..

Coming Soon: Friends , 10 years now :)

What are your plans for this coming year?

Coming Soon: We hope in this coming year to make a lot more music and have a lot of shows, we are not afraid of the hard work :) ,also visiting countrys that we didnt visit before like USA etc..

Have any funny moments you can share with us, that happened to yourselves or witnessed when you were gracing the decks.

Coming Soon: We actually get lots of moments like this , we just had a party in Acapulco , all the stage was covered with condoms cause of a promotion they did there, and all the dj’s opened the packs and started foolin around in the stage while we were playing :)

Any last words for your fans and our readers?

Coming Soon: Stay tuned this next 3 months LOTS OF NEW MUSIC IS COMING SOON :)

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