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Girl - Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs
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LABEL: Independent
RELEASE DATE: September 24, 2013
FORMATS: Digital, Physical

Band Members

Scary Cherry: Lead Vocals, additional Guitar on "Face"
Tony Coke: Guitar, Backing Vocals, additional Bass on "Anita 69"
Minx the Jinx: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Ukulele on "Cut Off Your Head"


Have you ever been punched in the face by a GIRL? One run in with Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs new LP and opening track, "Don't Wanna", and you will be picking yourself up off the floor with its knockout punch. With sonic and artistic references to 70' glitter rock coupled with a snotty punk rawness the album comes out swinging hard. Minx the Jinx states, "We decided to start the album off with Scary talking in the studio as we wanted to envelope the listener as if they had walked in on a recording session". From that point on, it's a raw, sometimes disturbing, but empowering journey through the eyes and life of a GIRL. The listener will be caught on a glitter roller coaster, twisting and turning, running through the gamut of emotions, musically and lyrically, unable to get get off until the last disturbing notes of a creepy piano and strings fade away. Who exactly is this GIRL? "She is all of us!" says Scary Cherry. "From the self-absorbed bitch in "Glitter" to the severely deranged in "Tracked Down" (a love letter from a female serial killer). She is the GIRL that you have averted your gaze from ("Crazy Jane") as well as the GIRL you cannot take your eyes off of ("Anita 69")."

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs is a deep and diverse band with their fingers in more opportunities than a corrupt politician. They write smart and from the heart. This is proven, having already had 4 original singles played in major market radio, and music featured in film. Their new album, takes their reputation as a hard and heavy punk band and proves they can play it all. Not content to rest on their laurels, SCABBS serve up a 1920's era masterpiece in "Cut Off Your Head" which finds Scary Cherry sounding more like Betty Boop than her normal husky voiced blend of Marianne Faithful meets Marilyn Manson. Minx the Jinx states, As a conceptual album, SCABBS are out to strike some sonic nerves. Each song is individual, yet somehow, the entire album is as congruent and well connected as great novel.

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs which consist of Scary Cherry: Lead vocals; Tony Coke: Guitar and Minx the Jinx Guitar (augmented by "The Bang Bang Family" for live appearances) were born out of roller derby in Dallas, Texas. As team captain and coach for the (then undefeated) Slaughterers, Scary Cherry was asked to write a theme song for the league. Scary recruited like-minded friends and an unstoppable machine was created. 6 years, a few hundred shows and one EP later (the generically titled "Limited Edition 5 Song EP"), Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs have garnered a loyal and ever growing fan base who refer to themselves and the band as Glitter Punks (a moniker the band wears with pride). Whether they are opening up for Misfits, Megadeth, Slash or Lords of Acid, this firebrand band seems to have no boundaries as far as demographics are concerned. Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs is like that one GIRL in high school who fits into every crowd. Whether being honored by 97.1 The Eagle's Heavy Rock "Loud and Local" show, or to the entire GIRL album being played on UK Off The Charts prestigious "Masterpiece" series, there is a good indication that this GIRL will be crowned homecoming queen (and will probably have sex on the first date).

GIRL is Sexy. GIRL is Violent. GIRL is Scary. GIRL is Beautiful. GIRL is Ugly. GIRL is Powerful. GIRL is NOW.


“There's nothing better than hot nerds who can kick your ass.. sometimes kicking ass is the best revenge.." - Jeremy Martin, Dallas Observer

“They're in your face; they're loud, a little odd and could probably kill you.” - Grant V. Ziegler, News-Register

“Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are banging their own drum, twisted and spicy. A hard rock sound with a dash of sweetness, sex and a whole lotta thrust!” - JAM Magazine


By Bo Jeff Jones for http://www.sputnikmusic.com

The Album, GIRL, is a fun roller coaster ride, a musical journey, reminiscent of a trip to Disney Land, with happy characters leading you to scary boat rides, excitingly fast runaway trains and calm strolls through fun, childhood memories.

Ever been slapped in the face by a girl??? The adventure starts with "Don't Wanna". Short and fast, exciting and full of tension, pure Rock N' Roll, it gets heart beating. Just like the beginning of any good roller coaster ride, it scares you a little.

The title track, "GIRL" starts with a mellow drum and bass to let you catch your breath. The lyrics in "GIRL" get you thinking, "is this album about one girl or many? Whoever it is about, isn't quite normal, but she certainly is interesting!"

The third track, "Glitter", is the first clue to Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs' talent of writing a wide range of musical styles. This song could easily find it's way into rotation on any top 40 station. Warning, "Glitter" will get stuck in you head, and just like real glitter, it won't go away. The good news is it's a fun song that will make you smile. It will make your girlfriend smile even more.

"The secret, Frankie?" makes a hard left turn pinning you into your seat and causing your sunglasses to go flying off your head. It is a dark song, or is it? It seems slow, but the tempo is fast. This song is a roller coaster within a roller coaster. The lyrics tease of some hidden meaning. What is the secret? I wonder if Frankie is a girl. You get to breathe a few seconds during the bridge before taking off again on a wild guitar piece. The emotion is real and the guitar seems to cry, and build, and build, and then... It stops.

"Crazy Jane" needs to be listened to with your eyes closed because the story this song tells is vivid. Like a ride on a merry go round, this song goes round and round and up and down. I wish I could meet Jane.

If you are lucky enough to have this album on vinyl, you reach the end of side 1 with "Cut Off Your Head". It makes you laugh and say WTF! at the same time. A throw back to the music of the twenties, short and catchy, it will make you want to teach you grandparents how to use iTunes!

"S.T.F.U." could very easily become a pop anthem if it weren't for the language. It is what we all want to say to someone at least once a day! Imagine jumping on a trampoline with your boss or that lady going slow in the fast lane. You get to yell at them then push them to the ground. It's liberating.

"Face" is beautiful. The background vocals twist and turn and lift the song up around the lyrical melody. It's sweet and fun yet heavy and deep. Another girl I would love to meet.

Enough of that comfortable enjoyment. This is a roller coaster remember? "Get it off" is a straight up rock song, but it's interestingly arranged. You think "this is about to get heavy" and then horns kick in a melody. It's obvious this song is all about pleasure. With a trippy bridge reprising to a anthemic breakdown, maybe this song is all about extasy.
The guitars trade very tasteful solos and the song ends at the bottom of the steepest hill of this album ride.

"Anita 69" is not for the faint of heart. It's carnal, it's chaotic, it's rated R. A tip of the hat to AC/DC. This Anita 69 must be a lustful handful of trouble. My kind of girl.

The album ends with a piece titled "Tracked Down". Creepy. What kind of girl is this??? Close your eyes again because this song clearly depicts a scene from a pscho thriller movie. The song ends with a piano arrangement fading away into nothingness as if you stepped off the roller coaster and watched the empty ride continue on its way. The album is concluded as if it were a movie, hinting that there will be a sequel.

It's amazing to think that this is Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs' first full length LP. Writing so mature, musicianship so unique, production so clean.

With the critical acclaim this album has already received, stay tuned for big things from this band very soon. And hopefully another exciting musical journey.

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