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Four Songs EP - Teitur
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LABEL: Arlo & Betty Recordings
RELEASE DATE: Available Now
FORMATS: CD / Digital


Renowned singer-songwriter Teitur is embarking on a U.S. and European tour in support of the recent release of his EP Four Songs. The EP contains three new tracks, “Home”, “Jailhouse Jumbo Jones” and “She Lives in the North” and a new version of “Poetry & Aeroplanes”, the title track of his debut album from 2003.

The EP was recorded in the newly completed Studio Bloch, owned by Teitur’s long time Recording and mix engineer, Jonas Bloch Danielsen. The stunning studio is based in an old building in Torshavn, in Teitur’s native Faroe Islands, utilising the natural acoustics of the building, having been partly carved into the surrounding rock and using 100 year old cork built into some of the walls, from when the building was used for ice storage, for natural sound insulation.

The recordings are the first time Teitur has released anything recorded solo, without any other musicians, in his career, and he will be playing out songs from his next, yet to be recorded, album on the forthcoming tour. Teitur comments:

“Sometimes songs take on a new meaning or a new musical direction after you have played them lots of times live. I've often had regrets recording certain songs before I had the chance to play them live - it should really be the other way around, that you record your song once it's come full circle, ideally after a tour. This fall I will go on a solo tour and play only intimate venues where I will try out new songs - material I intend to record for my upcoming album. I've always been throwing in new material into my tours, but this time it will be more than one or two songs. I've also made a 4 song EP for the tour in the same spirit.”


"Deep, viscous stuff that is never less than extraordinary." - The Guardian (The Singer, 2008)

"There's more than enough evidence here to bear out Teitur's assertion, in the title-track, that 'all my mistakes have become masterpieces.'" - The Independent (All My Mistakes, 2009)


September 7th, 2012. By Thomas Nicholson for http://themelodybox.com

The Faroese singer-songwriter continues to experiment with the release of his first actual solo recording.

Teitur has never been afraid to experiment. In 2009, he told me that he was searching for challenges in music and new things to learn in order to feel closer to his own music. Four Songs is perhaps first and foremost that feeling of being closer.

All four songs have been recorded in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands in the new Studio Bloch, owned by Teitur’s long time sound engineer, Jonas Bloch Danielsen. And for the first time, Teitur has recorded solo with no backing musicians.

With the opening song and single Home, Teitur has taken full advantage of the recording circumstances. The introless melancholy piano anthem seems to suck the listener right into the small studio built into the surrounding rocks where presumably “Home is the sound of the birds early in the morning”.

Unfortunately, the eerie intensity of Home seeps out the moment the re-recording of Poetry & Aeroplanes (originally recorded as the title song for Teitur’s debut album from 2003) begins. It’s a bit slower and less polished than the original recording but doesn’t really add anything new to the song.

Like Poetry & Aeroplanes,  Jailhouse Gumbo Jones and She lives in the North are guitar based. Both songs, particularly the latter, have a hint of af Nick Drakesque feel but without quite the same intimacy and intensity of Home or of the late Englishman.

Four Songs is an interesting sneak peek into the direction that Teitur could be taking his music next. It’s intimate and warm even with the cold Atlantic tapping on the door. It’s just too bad that three of the four songs are guitar based when he currently sounds more at home at the piano.


Alle Termine for http://stadtsaal.com

Says KT Tunstall: “he is the sound of melting ice, haunted woods and beautiful honesty” He is Teitur (Tie-tor), a man from the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. In 2003, Teitur released his first album, Poetry & Aeroplanes. Its simple, sincere songs made it a critical hit and he toured the USA and Canada extensively and attracted the attention of respected singer-songwriters like Rufus Wainwright, Aimee Mann, KT Tunstall and John Mayer, all of whom took him on tour. During this time, he managed to co-write a song on the 4 million selling debut album by Corinne Bailey Rae. In 2006, he released his second album Stay Under The Stars, a record full of richer writing and bolder characters, which went Gold in Denmark. Two Danish Grammies followed. By 2008, he had completed 700 gigs in 20 countries in 4 years, which earned him the reputation of one of the hardest working artists on the road. Third album, The Singer, recorded in a Swedish Princesses house in Gotland, was released in 2008 in Europe and early 2009 in the UK, his first album to be issued in Britain. Garnering five star reviews in The Guardian ("deep, viscous stuff that is never less than extraordinary") and The Independent ("a rare beast"), while the Sunday Times praised the singer-songwriter's " wonderfully idiosyncratic talent". Teitur continued his career development in many ways, producing and writing for a major French artist, Nolwenn; co-writing and performing with American Contemporary film musician Nico Muhly (who scored the film The Reader), and writing for other artists. During 2010, he recorded his stunning album Let the Dog drive home in Denmark and mixed it in Norway; “You never leave L.A.” was the first single with an astounding animated video which took 6 months to make and a worldwide tour followed over the next 18 months. In the meantime, Seal recorded Teitur’s song “You Get Me” as a duet with Italian superstar Mina and then recorded it for his new album, produced by David Foster, going top 20 around the world. Teitur released his first 4 track EP in September 2012, entitled Four Songs, his first solo recordings, and is supporting it with a world tour from September to January, where he will also try out live potential songs for his next album, which will be recorded in the New Year.

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