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Falling - Glorie
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LABEL: Self-released
RELEASE DATE: 03.06.2013
FORMATS: Physical, Digital

Band Members

Jason Paxton: Vibes, Keys
Jonathan Kirkscey: Cello, Guitar
Robert Brimhall: Bass, Guitar
Jeff Hulett: Bass, Vibes
Andrew Saunders: Drums


Instrumental band, Glorie, was formed in Memphis in the spring of 2009 by former Satyrs frontman, Jason Paxton. The other members of Glorie (Jonathan Kirkscey, Rob Brimhall, Andy Saunders, and Jeff Hulett) come from diverse musical backgrounds and have performed with an impressive array of artists such as Cat Power, Jay Reatard, The Bloodthirsty Lovers, Snowglobe, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and Al Green.

The band started as a desire to create substantive, engaging instrumental music with a strong focus on melody. Their music blends acoustic, electric, and electronic sounds and draws inspiration from many genres including rock, classical, and instrumental hip- hop. Glorie's new EP Falling shows off more of their classical influence than their previous release with the string section taking on a prominent role. Driving rhythms and diverse instrumentation including lush strings, guitar, piano, electric piano, and vibraphone creating a thick wall of sound with a cinematic quality.


“The level of their professionalism is surpassed only by the catchiness of their grooves.” - The Silent Ballet

“Nothing like a little mood music…especially if your mood is contemplative, mysterious, and you’re looking for a shady individual behind a decrepit building in the middle of the night. Glorie’s dark instrumentals make your soul wonder if everything will be ok. What do you expect when one of the songs is titled “Music For A Horror Movie”? In all seriousness, this is some great music.” - Free Indie Music Downloads

“This is a surprising release. Glorie utilize different instruments and post-rock stylings to their advantage, creating a memorable output in the process.” - Logan Broger, hearwaxmedia.com


5 out of 5

By Merginator for http://headbangorgtfo.com

Here on this metal blog, I’ll get the random submission from an experimental band and I’ll listen to it with an open mind and indulge in what the artist or band has delivered. This is one of those fine examples where I was at home just cleaning and going through emails and I received a submission from a band from Memphis, TN. It wasn’t the remastered Whitechapel…it was an orchestral band named Glorie…and my ears weren’t ready for the true amount of talent and beauty that was to come over the next twenty two minutes.

This is the kind of record I can play in front of anyone and look as if I have class. My daughter loved this as well, she is incredibly intrigued by string instruments as well as the piano. So playing this for her is always a joy as it gets her excited and she will often begin dancing. “Falling” is an incredible EP and it all begins with a song named “Sunshine Then Nightmares”. An upbeat piano section picking up more and more with instruments coming in and making the song much more vibrant and happy. Then towards the end, it slows down in tempo..leaving you with a perfect feeling of sunshine….then nightmares.

“Run Away” is a trippy little piece with a main xylophone focus, then enter the strings and the song becomes more magical. The track is very whimsical, gracious and overall a delight for the ears. “Smoke” is a jazzy little tune and it’s also very sad. As quiet as this track is, it moves me almost more so than the heaviest of metal songs. Something about this track just touches my soul. It’s very delicate and romantic…and a little depressing.

The forth track, also being the title track of this EP, “Falling” begins with a subtle string introduction…then moves onto a profound piano jingle and a robust string arraignment over said keys. I feel as if this song could have been featured in a major motion picture or video game soundtrack as a moment when the main character saves the day. While it’s called “Falling”, I found the track to be quite upbeat and positive. Another beautifully written/composed song.

Finally, (Well not finally, the EP is only 22 minutes total) we have the track “The Lotus” to close out this wonderful album. Snare drum beat into a piano composition, this song feels very…super hero-ish. It builds and builds and it puts a positive vibe within your psyche, the notes telling you that everything will be OK, life is good! The song continues this great vibe throughout and gradually begins to decompress at the 4:20 mark. Finishing up one of the coolest EP’s I’ve listened to in a long time.

This is a metal blog. I mainly get blast beats, gurgling and riffs a plenty sent to me. Getting this was a treat. Glorie really blew me away and their EP “Falling” is an absolute must if you enjoy music. 5 modern orchestral hits. Glorie will become big, these guys provide massive amounts of talent and everyone involved needs a standing ovation. Everytime I listen to it I’m flabbergasted, just left in awe.

I love this EP.

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