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Country Singles - The Grisly Hand
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LABEL: Independent
RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2013
FORMATS: Physical, Digital

Band Members

Jimmy Fitzner: lead vocals & guitar
Lauren Krum: lead vocals & percussion
Johnny Nichols: bass guitar, keyboards & vocals
Matt Richey: drums & percussion
Mike Stover: steel guitar, bass guitar
Ben Summers: mandolin, guitar & vocals


Since 2009, The Grisly Hand has been winning over audiences and critics in Kansas City. And now, with a full-length album under their belts, the band has a little more experience, and a lot more momentum. Though rooted in the Midwest, this is the kind of act that’s bound to resonate anywhere it lands.

The new album, Country Singles, started as an inside joke among the band members about a rural newsletter for lonely Middle Americans. The double meaning points to the band's sense of humor, but this album is more than a collection of twangy hoedowns. Rather, it covers a wide breadth of dynamics and emotions, and speaks as a testament to the band's grasp of American music, both traditional and modern. Nods to classic soul music, folk, punk rock and barrelhouse blues can be found here, wrapped within soulful harmonies, crisp musicianship and clever lyrical depth.

Call it country, rock, Americana, or any other moniker. What’s important is that it’s real and it sounds great. The Grisly Hand conjures visions of the familiar while remaining refreshing and original. Their appeal isn’t limited to the Midwest, but it’s undeniably part of their identity. With Country Singles, The Grisly Hand has shown that their unique style is a work in progress. Their sound evolves and takes on new traits, but it maintains the same backbone that has won the band fans and accolades for the last three years.


“Country Singles covers a wide berth of dynamics and emotions, but it is also a confirmation, evidence of The Grisly Hand’s evolution to a band with its own solid identity and clear voice, a sound rooted in country music but colored and accented by a variety of American sounds, from rock n roll to folk and soul.” - Kansas City Star

“The Grisly Hand does alternative country right with Western Ave. EP. Lauren Krum’s sultry vocals and slight country twang are highlighted by a group of talented musicians that include a mandolin, lap steel guitar and fiddle in their arsenal of instruments.” - PASTE Magazine

“What you'll find with The Grisly Hand is well crafted songs, talented musicians and fantastic vocals and harmonies. Their sound and songwriting has continued to evolve and i mprove and they sound like a band that could be on the verge of a national break.” - The Jeopardy of Contentment


June 14th. 2013. By http://therestandstheglass.blogspot.com.au

Singers and songs.  That's what country's all about.  Even when the two essential elements are pitted against hideous arrangements- as is often the case with in many of the otherwise classic hits by the likes of Ray Price and George Jones- the singers and the songs carry the day. 

Fortunately, the brilliant songs and stellar singing featured on Country Singles, the latest release by Kansas City's The Grisly Hand, are supported by immaculately tasteful playing by the likes of Mike Stover. 

I'd been impressed by Country Singles since its release several weeks ago, but it wasn't until Tuesday night that I gave the album my undivided attention.  I was floored.  Country Singles is almost certainly my favorite non-jazz/non-hip hop album to originate in Kansas City in years.  A few highlights of the consistently great project: the boozer's lament of "Municipal Farm Blues," the domestic strife of "(If You're Leavin') Take the Trash Out (When You Go)" and the exhausted "Coup De Coeur." 

The title track evokes the spark-filled duets of both Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn and John Doe and Exene Cervenka.   Anyone who appreciates those essential partnerships, Grievous Angel, Dave Alvin's solo work or any number of insurgent country albums released by Bloodshot Records will adore Country Singles.

April 24th, 2013. By Alex Peak for http://popstache.com

One day, Kansas City will not only be well-known for its barbecue, its irrational number of fountains, its seemingly infinite number of cows, or as Paris of the Plains, but also as the hometown of The Grisly Hand.

With a strong Midwest following, The Grisly Hand has a polished sound that is a quirky blend of folk and country. It doesn’t take much for these guys to win over a crowd; the combination of lead singer Lauren Krum’s sweet crooning and stage presence, the relatable stories told through the lyrics, and that contagious beat scores a bullseye time after time.

On April 26, The Grisly Hand presents its first full-length CD, Country Singles, a conglomeration of blue grass, country, folk, Americana, and maybe even a splash of two-stepping. That lovable, toe-tapping, blast-through-your-car-speakers-on-a-warm-day Grisly grit is back with even more twang, soul, and steel guitar than before.

Fans who have patiently awaited new material from The Grisly Hand (it’s been more than a year since the band released any tracks), will be nothing short of tickled with Country Singles. The group released the first single, “If You Say So,” a few weeks ago to whet the appetite of its loyal listeners. The song has a familiar percussion-heavy sound that will bring fans right back to where Grisly Hand left off with Safe House and Western Ave.

Tracks like “Municipal Farm Blues” and “Rude Gambler” will get listeners on their feet, whereas the more somber songs such as “Amusia” and “Coup de Coeur” highlight the versatility and maturity of the band’s skill set.

An album favorite is the quick-witted “(If You’re Leavin’) Take The Trash Out (When You Go),” with a playful cat-and-mouse-like game between Krum and guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Fitzner. When Krum sings “If you’re leaving take the trash out when you go…” and Fitzner returns with, “I left last night, and I took the trash out when I went.”

These genre-defying country singles will appeal to more than just cowboys and truckers. Anyone with an appreciation for Americana or even a predisposition to break out into a dance can latch onto the wildfire these Grislys are about to spread.

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