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Awkward EP - San Cisco
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LABEL: Island City
RELEASE DATE: February 7, 2012
FORMATS: Digital

Band Members

Jordi Davieson: Lead vocals, guitar
Josh Biondillo: Guitar, keyboard, vocals
Nick Gardner:
Scarlett Stevens: Drums, vocals


You hear the distinct vibration of your mobile phone. A text message from a new crush. Do you text back? Do you wait? Is it stalking or does it just show that you’re interested? Everyone has been there, taking those first steps in a new relationship. It’s, well, awkward.

For San Cisco, there has been very little waiting around. The four-piece have followed their own path since emerging from Fremantle, Western Australia a few years ago. From humble beginnings of weekend jams to being nominated for a 2011 Unearthed J Award, the band have a natural chemistry, growing organically into their own mold to create their sophomore EP, Awkward.

Lead single "Awkward" is an unmistakable pop gem featuring the vocal talents of both Jordi Davieson and drummer Scarlett Stevens. Penned in the studio one afternoon, the song has since risen to become a triple j favorite in Australia, embedding itself in the head and hearts of listeners as they respond to the band by voting it in for a week as the number one most requested song.

Following on from their success of their debut EP, Golden Revolver, San Cisco returned to the recording studio with Steven Schram (Little Red, Little Birdy and Cat Empire) in Melbourne to delve further into the songs they had perfected on stage and in the backyard shed. The finished product is their sophomore EP, Awkward, featuring five tracks of indie pop goodness, showcasing Jordi’s turn of phrase and Josh Biondillo’s varied influences in his music writing. In its entirety it is an eclectic mix of indie pop with dashes of rock and slashes of synth. Each member of the band brings a different influence to the table from their diverse and eclectic palate of indie, rap, hip-hop and jazz.

Schoolmates Josh and Jordi bonded over their love for skateboarding and the water, but what brought them together was their passion for music. While Josh is the music man coming to the table with the arrangement and melody, Jordi will talk over the top delivering a slew of words that grows into his in-depth lyrics fantasizing about the world. Add fellow schoolmates, bassist Nick Gardner and Scarlett Stevens on drums and San Cisco came to fruition.

The five-track EP is a statement of intent for a band on the cusp of something big. The energetic and upbeat "Rocket Ship" plays out Jordi’s dreams about leaving everything behind that you know and trust to uncover and discover what may become.

The irresistible ‘Lover’ shows off their buoyant and bright song-writing with each verse following the progression of a relationship. A rousing cover of the Arctic Monkey’s "505" adds a new dimension to the EP, played out like a science experiment between Schram and the band one afternoon in the studio. Taking the tempo a little more downbeat is the closing and emotively powerful song, "Reckless," true to its lyrical content that “Reckless is fun when you are not the one that gets hurt.”

Penning tunes for some time, as well as amassing an assortment of instruments, band mates Josh and Nick have accumulated numerous instruments that they repair, rebuild and add to their collection. The intricacies of these instruments that they repair and play become more a part of their knowledge and growth as musicians, experimenting with new sounds.

Having already graced the stages of Big Day Out, Laneway, Fuse Festival and Big Sound as well as airwaves around the world gaining airplay on triple j, community radio in Australia, London’s XFM station, college radio across the USA and Flux FM in Germany. San Cisco have set themselves apart from their counterparts with the depth of their song-writing and their bright catchy hooks.

With all this in place, it is Awkward EP is slated for release in February 2012, through their own record label Island City Records independently through MGM.


San Cisco turn anything into fun, as director Matt Saville follows the San Cisco rocket ship around in their home town of sunny Fremantle in Perth, West Australia. An assortment of strange costumes, comical creatures and the comings and goings of friends and family in San Cisco’s day‐to‐day life, spliced together with footage of Josh Biondilo’s uncle and father shot on Super 8.


Premire of "Awkward" video on Consequence of Sound's Cluster1.tv

"San Cisco makes the agony of modern romance seem much more charming." - The Owl Mag

"['Golden Revolver' is] a warm track featuring gang choruses, Vampire Weekend-ish guitar riffs and the cowbell, Golden Revolver certainly makes the case for one of the better summer tracks this year." - Panic Manual

"Perth, Australia youngsters, San Cisco, deliver indie pop like old pros." - TSURURADIO

"Youthful exuberance and optimism shine through the jangly guitar harmonies and rattling percussion" - The Wounded Jukebox

"If Vampire Weekend had an Australian baby (and a girl drummer), this is what they would sound like." - Indie Shuffle

"This new Australian group is full of sweet, summery pop goodness. The likes that Vampire Weekend or Foreign Born might deliver with the added bonus of a girl drummer.” - The OCMD

"Confident with stage presence and strong with vocals, San Cisco brings to the table an impressive brand of upbeat summer pop." - Concrete Opinions

"Golden Revolver is their first EP, an eclectic mix of indie pop with folk undertones, slashes of synth and influences ranging from Bright Eyes to Vampire Weekend." - We Heart Music


February 9, 2012. By Catrionla Noble for theowlmag.com

“Fresh + Real” is a simple formula = delightful and catchy. Innocent, yet ready to take on life is their formula which draws us in. The title track “Awkward,” sets the tone for a catchy duet between frontman Jordi and Scarlette (the drummer), who provides the female answer back.

“Awkward” is about when you first fall in love and don’t quite understand when the love isn’t reciprocated; a catchy earworm indeed. “Rocket Ship” beats us back into a fun place with lots of lovely harmonies, bongos, and tambourine mixed with heartfelt, gorgeous lyrics.

“Love” is a strong little fast guitar intro. These Aussie kids skate and play video games, but they also have feelings, opening with he catchy “do do da da” but managing to expose confessions of the heart, which sets you up for the closing two songs.

“505″ is an Arctic Monkeys‘ cover and it’s the total distinction from the first fun and catchy half of the EP. It actually could be the Arctic Monkeys performing it’s so close to the original.

“Reckless” is a very romantic and heartfelt change of pace from the first 3 tracks. “Reckless” is for when you’re not the one who wants to get hurt. It’s an easy listen, I just hope this quartette can maintain their raw freshness and don’t move on from this formula.


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