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As The Crow Flies - Will Varley
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Releaase Info

Album: As The Crow Flies
Release date: September 2nd, 2013.
Label: Smugglers' Records

Artists; Will Varley


Will Varley is a 26 year old folksinger/ poet/ storyteller and novelist from London. He has been a stalwart of the Acoustic/Folk scene since his early teens, playing literally hundreds of gigs in England and Ireland and supporting some huge names along the way. After growing tired of London in 2010 Varley moved to Deal, Kent and there along with a number of musicians helped to set up Smugglers Records. Smugglers is a collective of like minded independent bands and solo artists who help eachother release and tour their music and put on events. Since it’s inception the collective has been instrumental in starting the careers of a number of independent artists as well as putting on their own sell out music festival deep in the Kent countryside, not far from the sea.

In 2011 Varley recorded his debut album ‘Advert Soundtracks’ with Smugglers, and then set out on the road and walked a hundred and thirty miles with a guitar and tent on his back. Starting the walking tour at London Bridge he headed south east, strolling through the rolling hills of the Kent wield and singing songs to whoever would listen. The 24 year old slept in barns, camped at the side of canals and played gigs in the corner of crowded pubs. By the time he strolled back to deal, despite the blisters and the aching muscles, word of his album had begun to spread and he had many a story to tell.

Varley’s live performances have become more and more anarchic over the years. Audience interaction, surreal improvised comedy between songs and chaotic stunts like playing two songs at the same time are now more often than not included in his shows, though he will just as quickly deliver a melancholic and heartbreaking ballad or a fiery protest song as he will a shaggy dog story or an amusing talking blues.

After self-publishing his first novel ‘Sketch of A Last Day’ (Reaching No.1 in Kindle’s Political Fiction category) and almost two years of relentless gigging, including shows at the Occupy London protests & The Bank of Ideas, with the help of David Hatton Jnr. (of the band Cocos Lovers), 11 new songs were recorded in the basement of an old smugglers cottage in Deal. Outside the coastal wind rattled the doors and windows, fresh off the English Channel. In between sips of Glen Moray and glasses of red wine the pair drafted in a number of musicians to help record an album that was written partly on the road and partly in the smoking areas of Deal’s countless public houses.

Though still littered with his trademark humour, ‘As The Crow Flies’ is a darker, more mature album which sees Varley’s poetry take centre stage, from the brutal honesty of the album’s title track, to the swaying cynicism of ‘Weddings and Wars’ in which he attempts a history of the world in under four minutes. With upcoming festival appearances at Green Man, Secret Garden Party and Mandstock (Italy), and huge tour planned to follow, Will Varley’s second album “As The Crow Flies” is scheduled for release on Smugglers on September 2nd 2013.

Press Quotes

“Certain to turn ears his way... Varley feels very much a voice for what could
soon become the 21st Century’s lost generation”
Folk Radio UK

“Powerful, Political & Pertinent”
The Independent

“A simple line like “the big bang doesn’t care if I pray” is laden with the kind of
meaning other artists would take whole albums to say.”
Rock Kent

“It's the antithesis of all that Simon Cowell
creates, and it's fantastic”  Contact Music

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