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1840 - Kiven
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FORMATS: Digital

Band Members

Tyler Demorest: Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Matt Cohen: Bass
Danny Schnair: Guitar
Jake Reed: Drums

Tyler Demorest, Danny Schnair, Matt Cohen and Jake Reed, known collectively as Kiven, hail from the smog-swept city of Los Angeles. While their musical influences have undoubtedly come from a wide array of musical and artistic spectrums, this trifecta ultimately blends together to create the band’s unique and personal sound.

The band released their first EP, Two In The Same, in 2010 while still studying in school, and then followed with STEP in the spring of 2012, featuring their hard-hitting single, “Release.” Shortly after their sold out CD Release Show at the Bootleg Theatre in Silverlake, Kiven has continued to pack venues in the Los Angeles area on a nightly basis.

Following the initial momentum and direction of sound from STEP (their previous EP), the recently released EP, "1840" continues to progress forward both sonically and emotively, reflecting Kiven's musical and personal growth. The tracks off of 1840 build in a more organic sense and with a naturally touching pull on the listener with pocket drums, grooving bass lines, hard hitting guitars, soaring vocals and lush harmonies.

With the excitement of their new single, "Hope & Smoke", which reached #11 on Hype Machine and was featured on Indie Shuffle and Red Bull Soundstage, Kiven made their East Coast debut in New York for CMJ 2012 as an official artist – playing a handful of showcases including The Deli Mag, Audio Perv and a handful of other buzz-worthy CMJ bills. Shortly after, Entertainment Weekly went on to name Kiven as the #2 "Great Indie Discovery" from CMJ 2012. Their debut full-length will be out in Spring 2013.


“[A band] whose musical chops exceed their years, the members of Kiven just graduated from the University of Southern California last year. And while they’ve all got day jobs in music marketing, they don’t sound too far from a full-fledged career as musicians themselves. All their work thus far has been self-produced and self-released — come on, they work in music marketing! — but no band with this much talent stays unsigned for long. At least half the group have jazz or prog backgrounds – guitarist Danny Schnair studied jazz guitar at USC – which makes for a sound that is clean, precise, and rhythmically complex. But there’s also an element of hard rock that infuses their songs with a punky vitality. During their show on the tiny basement stage at the Delancey, the guys thrashed around and launched into extended solos with rock-star panache, piercing the frenzy with razor-sharp three-part harmonies. It was a remarkable marriage of furious prog-metal and grooves so precise you could dress them in Armani.” - Entertainment Weekly

"Kiven is a magnetic trio fitting fire and refinement in a swiftly orchestrated back and forth between generous textures and explosive build-ups.” - The Deli Magazine

"Kiven conjure up a unique and unrestrained amalgam of sounds and styles that's for some truly intoxicating and infectious tunes. It'll make you think and it'll make you dream—like all great daring rock bands do." - Artist Direct

ON www.absolutepunk.net:

Kiven (Kee-vehn) is authentic music created by four college students based in Southern California. We are influenced by all sorts of bands but the ones who come through prevalently in their songs thus far are Thrice, MuteMath, Minus the Bear, Radiohead, and Incubus.

We approached our new EP with no real goal in mind in terms of sound and had to wrestle with about 12 songs before we went in studio to record these four. We are really proud of what we've done and we can't wait to record more music to share with anyone who wants to listen in the near future.

The band consists of Tyler Demorest, Matt Cohen, Danny Schnair, and Teddy Boldt. They have all been in their fair share of bands and have used that experience to approach Kiven in a very organized, mature manner.

We focus on the songs and how we can share those songs with the masses. It starts with getting a good recording, but the backbone of music is the live experience. We spend a lot of time preparing for our shows to keep crowds interested. Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it.

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