1 April 2011

Happy Birthday John! The man behind the Trio dropped by today to spend some of his birthday with you. He also walked you through The Seed, the not for profit arts fund he and his wife Dan set up a few years ago to help up and coming young muso’s and managers get a leg up in the industry.

Over six years, tens of thousands of dollars has been shared around to help independent artists, and applications for the current round of grants are about to close. This morning, John walked you through some of his musical highlights of bands who have used The Seed since it’s inception.

It’s a great fund, and always looking for donors and also people to hand that cash out to every year; go here for more info. And if you missed our Take 5, stream it right here!

Here’s what he played:

1. Impossible Odds – Laugh It Off
2. Dan Sultan – Love Is Like a Song
3. Husky – History’s Door
4. Tame Impala – Lucidity
5. Felicity Groom – Finders and Keepers